Sunday, March 27, 2016

Embedding Videos from Google Drive

Upload a video to your Google Drive

1-  Set the Video share settings to anyone on web can view.

2- Highlight video and click the preview icon

3- In Preview mode click the Pop-out Icon

4-  Then click the more actions symbol

5- A window will open
       a) In the new window click on embed item

6- Embed Item window opens.
        a) Copy the code
        b) Paste into blogger html editor

Using Blogger in a K-12 Classroom

Blogger is one of the overlooked features within the Google APP for Education (GAfE)  Accounts. I found when mentioning GAfE to other educators they immediately associate the account with Google Drive, GMAIL, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Forms and Sheets. However there are many more components then these. Today I’m going to focus on one of the overlooked and hardly mentioned components. This is using Google Blogger to create blogs.
Did you say how can creating a blog make a difference in education? Well let me count the ways….

Integrating Google Blogger for 

in the Classroom

  1. Create a Classroom Newsletter to share with parents
    • Include the students as creators in this activity
    • Great school to home connection
  2. Host a student help blog for different content areas
    • Students can create tutorials to share math tips & tricks
    • Embed screencasts instead of writing
  3. Make a classroom gallery to showcase student projects!
    • Another great way to make a school to home connection!!!
    • Have students upload the images or videos
    • Let students be responsible for answering questions
      • That is pertaining to their own project
      • Make the blog active as possible
  4. Do you students research famous people, inventors or ?
    • Let them use a blog for their presentation
    • Students transform into the biographical character
    • Student introduces them self as the character
    • Other students ask questions
      • Student answer questions based on their research
    • Blog can remain private
      • Students can use their school logon
      • Restrict blog invites to classroom community
  5. Replace a teachers website with a blog
    • Easy to maintain
    • All posts are archived in date order
    • Embed worksheets
    • Add a calendar
    • Insert video
  6. Students can use a blog as a virtual binder
    • Provides organization
These are just a few ideas for getting started using blogger in the classroom!

Can You Think of More Ways for 

Using Blogger in the Classroom???