Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Show Case Student's Work: Embed Google Slides

Show casing student's work using Blogger is real easy to do. Especially when using a Google Slide as a rotating gallery presentation to share the child's creation. Google Slides can be used to share many different types of projects on a blog.


  1. Writing projects with embedded images
  2. A gallery of the student's artwork 
  3. Collection of screencast videos
  4. Stop Motion animation 
    1. Used to explain a concept
    2. Showcasing creativity
  5. Student created math tutorials
  6. Collection of artwork

How to Embed Google Slides Into Blogger

***Share Setting Should Be Set to Public on the Web

  • Go to File in the Google Slides Toolbar
  • Scroll downward
  • Click Publish to the Web
  • A window will open
  • Select how many seconds for auto advancing slides
  • Choose how to start the slideshow 
  • Select restart or leave it as a manual control
  • Click Embed
  • Select a Slide Deck Size
  • Copy Code into HTML Section of Post

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