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6 Ways to Insert Images Into Blogger

Blogger provides six different ways for a student or teacher to post images.  Using images help enhance a posts meaning beyond creative writing. Some students express themselves better with images and others may use an animated gif. The blog author may also use an image for capturing the readers attention. Blogger makes adding images a very easy task to do.
How to Add Images Into PostsClick the  insert image  File uploadClick UploadChoose File
Pick a FileClick Choose From this blog
Select Image From Picasa Web Albums (Google Photos) Select Image
From your Phone Select Image
From your Webcam Click Allow Click Allow for Camera and Microphone Take a SnapshotAdd Selected

From URL

Embed Student's Recording In Blogger Post

There are times when a student may want to share a recorded sound file into a Blogger Post. This can be done by uploading the file into the students Google Drive, and then embedding into the Blogger post. It is important the student adjusts the share settings for the audio file to allow their audience readers permission to view.  Why Do This??? Supports students who low readersAllows the low writer to fully express their thoughtsStudents can share their musical talentUnleash the sound effects artists from within Captures attentionSets the mood for the students writings
Here Is a Sample of an Embedded Audio File
...New Post Explaining  the Process for Embedding Sound File Into
a Blogger Post to Come In a Few Days
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Add a Blogger Search Engines to Classroom Blogs

A Blog Search Engine is a "Must Have" tool for teachers. Why? The Blog Search Engine let's the user search content within that blog. A blog search engine can make it easier for students and parents to find the classroom content they're looking for. When blog starts sharing a lot of content the information may become buried in the scrollable archive. The blog search engine allows the user the ability for narrowing down to the exact pages within seconds.

How to ADD Blog Search Engine GadgetSign onto the Blogger Dashboard: https://www.blogger.comClick the blog titleScroll down and click on layoutIn the sidebar click add a gadgetScroll down and click on search boxFollow the directions in the window search box window