Sunday, June 05, 2016

Use Sidebar Gadget to Add Classroom Tools

Depending upon the blog content a sidebar gadget might be useful. If a student is maintaining a blog as a note binder they may want to include a homework calendar in a Blogger Sidebar.  The teacher may want to show off an auto-run gallery of their students artwork in the sidebar. Either one of these samples are easy to do. It is simply a matter of combining different Google APPs for Education (GAfE) to make this happen. I like using the Blogger html/javascript gadget to make this magic happen.

Finding Embed Code for Google Calendar

  1. Click here to open the Google Calendar 
  2. Choose the Calendar you want to embed
  3. Click Settings Icon in Upper Right Corner
  4. Open Calendar Tab & Click Calendar you want to use
  5. Scroll Down to Embed this Calendar
  6. Copy Code
NOTE: Make sure to check the Calendar Share Settings. This should be set to share with a group of people or to public if needed.

Google Slides Publish to the Web

Adding html/Javascript to Sidebar

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