My Font Changes have a "Mind of Its Own!"

Have you ever felt like the "Font Editor" has a mind of its own? I'm talking about when you choose a font style, size, color , paragraph alignment and then save. After saving you preview the post only to discover it didn't save anything you did. You try adjusting everything again and discover the post editor has a mind of its own! Don't get discouraged! Instead use the "Remove Formatting Tool!"

The above scenario happens quite often especially when one copies and pastes from a document into a post. This is very common to occur when copying and pasting a Microsoft Word Document into a post. When one does this the copy retains the Microsoft styling codes. In this case you have one of two choices to remove formatting. When you go to paste the copy into a post use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+V to remove the source code. Don't worry if you can't remember the keyboard shortcut because there is a remove formatting tool in the post composer's toolbar.


If this doesn't work then use the formatting tool found in the Post Composer's Toolbar

Directions for Using Text Formatting Tool

  1. Highlight the text in the composer window
  2. Select the text formatting tool
  3. Click the Post Save Button
That's all Folks! Now pick out a font style, size, color and etc... Once done composing the post don't forget the Save followed by clicking the orange publish button.

This is a useful timesaving tip to share with students who are just beginning to learn how to blog!


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