Thursday, July 14, 2016

Teaching Students Blogging Where to Start???

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Recently I had a discussion about teaching students how to blog. "Where to begin?" was a question we pondered upon. Blogging plays an important role in teaching students about curating and sharing of information. Students are already accessing information instantly on a daily basis. In this instant gratification society it is very easy for a person to carelessly blurt out what's on their mind without thinking about the impact. This is a "Big NO, NO!"

For this very reason students need to practice the skills of "Good" digital citizenship when starting to blog. It is easiest to start by having the student use the "Comment and Reply Section". This provides a perfect opportunity to practice digital citizenship under supervised conditions. 

First responsibility is to teach the student how to provide positive feedback in the blog's comment and reply section. 

  • Never state someone is wrong.
  • Use terminology such as you might want to try...
  • What would happen if...
  • I like what you said but what if...
It all boils down to reinforcing this simple word: 

Tips for Maintaining a Respectful Blob

  1. Students can post comments by email
    • Post needs teacher's approval
  2. All Comments & Replies can be set for moderation
  3. Teacher has the ability to delete or edit posts
  4. Use privacy setting to share blog with students
    • Provides an opportunity for a small authentic audience
      • Invited by the teacher
      • All Grade Level Students
      • Parents
      • Other teachers
  5. Teacher can share authorship or administrator responsibility
    • This lessens the workload for everyone
If you start out small and introduce new steps little by little the students will become creative and critical curators of blogs.

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