Monday, August 08, 2016

Adding a Link to Blogger Post

If a student is writing a book study post they might want to link to the Authors website or a summary about the book. This allows the student to provide supporting details for their writing. The ability to link to websites and files is a skill the students will carry over into the business world.

Adding a link to words a post is as easy as spreading jam onto a piece of toast. Please follow these simple directions for linking a website to post text.

  1. Highlight the Text in the Post
  2. Click on the Word "Link" in the Compose editor Tool Bar
  3. Type or Paste the URL in the Web Address Window
  4. Make sure the Text Display shows the words you highlighted
  5. Select if you would like the link opened in a new browser window
  6. Click Okay

Test the link in the post to see if it connects to the webpage.

Great job! 


You have now created a Text Link in a Blogger Post.

Happy Blogging! 

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