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Have Students Create Custom Headers

Have students design a custom header for a classroom blog. Choices and opportunities for personalization provides ownership for the blog. Both Teachers and students become excited as they journey together building a classroom blog.

The classroom will decide upon a theme based on a monthly or quarterly basis. They will brainstorm topics which support the theme. Once there is a list students will split up into small groups focused upon one topic. They will use Google Drawings to create the Header Design. This will provide them with the opportunity to combine both digital and paper designs. Remember photos can be taken and inserted into a Google Drawing where the student can type the blogs name.
Using Google Drawing to Create Blog HeaderFIRST STEP:
Open a Google DrawingClick FileSelect Page SetupUse the arrows and select customEnter a width of 1250 pixels and height of 350 pixelsClick the  Okay  button



Insert a textboxType a Header NameInsert, images, shapes, cha…