Sunday, November 13, 2016

Maintaining a Classroom Vlog is Easy and Fun!!!

I don't know why Vlogging hasn't become very popular in the "Education World". A Vlog provides a format of curating and sharing which can meet all learning styles.  Students can write and produce digital stories to support content learned in the classroom. The students can curate and maintain a screencastings collections as a tutorial support site. This sounds like a "win win" situation where struggling students are provided the tools to succeed in a less restricting environment. Teachers become facilitators guiding the students as they create and curate the help content.

Students can use the tools their familiar with when first starting to vlog. The teacher and the class may maintain a YouTube Channel to make uploading of videos to the vlog easier. If the school district is a gSuite for Education School District this may make it easier to keep the blog and YouTube Private for School District eye's only.  It is important to know your school districts Acceptable Use Policy before publishing student created material for everyone in the world to see.

How to Insert a Video from YouTube

Inserting a YouTube video into a Blogger post is very simple to do. Even an older elementary or primary student can handle this task. 
  1. Sign into the Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click the Blog Title
  3. Select  New Post 
  4. In the Post Composer's Toolbar Click Video icon
  5. A New Window Pops Open
  6. Select which option you prefer to insert a video
    1. Upload
    2. From YouTube
    3. My YouTube Videos
    4. From Your Phone
  7. Click My YouTube Videos (Your YouTube Channel Video List)
  8. Select a video from the list
  9. Click the Blue  Select  Button
  10. Click the Orange  Publish  Button

Once the post is published it is added to the live blog. This is a very simple way to maintain a blog providing younger students with the opportunity to both create and curate information for supporting the academic content they are learning.