Sunday, January 08, 2017

Use Instagram with Blogger to Display a Student Image Gallery

One way of sharing student's creative works is by using an image gallery such as Instagram. When using Instagram as an image gallery to display students works make sure the students are over 13 and that you have followed the school district's policies for displaying student's work online. It is easy to link out to an Instagram account by adding a badge to the Blogger's sidebar.

How to Create the Instagram Badge

Please go to the Instagram Badge Generator: .
This will provide you with the code to place in a blogger sidebar html/javascript gadget.

  1. Select the Badge Style followed by Copying the Code.
  2. You will need to Save the Code for pasting into the Blogger HTML/Javascript Gadget

Steps for Adding the HTML/Javascript Gadget 

  1. Sign into the Blogger Dashboard
  2. Select the blog title
  3. Under New Posts select Layout
  4. Click Add a Gadget
  5. In the Pop out Window select html/Javascript Gadget
  6. Paste the Instagram Badge Code
  7. Click Done
  8. Click Save Arrangement

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