Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yes! Teacher's Can Delete Profiles from Class Blog...

Imagine this scenario! The students are maintaining a private project blog shared with a younger classroom. It is a blog where students are showcasing the digital books they created for younger students to read or listen to. The students are the "True" owners of the blog. 

When profiles are used on blogs it is to display ownership of the content. However this isn't always necessary depending upon the situation. If a group is maintaining a blog then the group owns the blog not an individual. Now the question comes up, "Can a Teacher remove their profile from a blog?" The answer to this is, "Of course they can!"

How to Remove Profile Gadget

  1. Sign into Blogger Dashboard
  2. Select the Blog
  3. In List find and Click Layout 
  4. Look for Profile Gadget in Sidebar
    1. Click Edit
  5. Pop-out Window Opens
  6. Click Remove
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Save Arrangements

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