Monday, June 19, 2017

Reading List End of School Year Cleanup

The summer is rolling in and the end of the school year is winding down. It is time to trim the classroom blog reading list you used to follow this years student blogs. Educators may be closing out this passed school year but in essence they're also preparing for the upcoming year. In the Fall there will be "new blogs" by new "Student Authors" for adding to the blog's reading list. Happy Summer Vacation!

How to Delete Reading List Blogs 

You will be surprised how easy it is to delete the blogs one follows for updates from the Blogger Reading list. Just follow these simple steps. It is as easy as 1-2-3!!!
  • Sign into Blogger Dashboard
  • Scroll Down to Reading List
  • Click Pencil icon (next to "Blogs I follow")
  • Under Manage Blogs I'm Following 
    • Click Trash Can icon to Delete a blog 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Text Header: "Sometimes Less is More!"

Today I was thinking upon the old adage, "Less is More". While pondering these words I realized it is perfectly fine to create a blog header with just "Fancy Text Styling" and no image. When this is done the header title is generally easier to read. It is especially attractive to use a Text Header if the blog is heavily laden with visual media. I think this is a good tip to share with students.

Change Header Title
  1. Sign into the Blogger Dashboard
  2. In listing under "View Blog"
    • Select Layout
  3. Scroll to Header Section
    • Lower Right Click EDIT
  4. Pop-out Window Opens
    • Type New Title
    • Click Save Button
  5. Upper Right Corner Click  Save Arrangements  Button
Edit Title Text
This is a visual presentation on how to change text in a blog header

Change Header Font Style
  1. Sign into the Blogger Dashboard
  2. In listing under "View Blog"
    • Select Template
  3. Under "Live on Blog"
    • Click  Customize  Button
  4. In list to Left, Click Advance
  5. Select Blog Title
    • Change Title Font, Size & Color
  6. Upper Right Corner Click  Apply to Blog  Button

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Delete or Not Delete that is the Question...

The classroom blog is finished for the year and you're not sure if the answer is to delete and start with a "Fresh New Classroom Blog". I could probably come up with a million reasons to support both sides when comparing "Why" with "Why Not." This much I will say is you might want to set the blog to private instead of deleting it. This is because all blog deletions eventually become permanent with "No" turning back. Why put yourself in this position after you and the students worked so hard to create the blog?

Setting the blog to private and removing all readers, and authors is one way to archive a blog. I do believe this is a safe way to maintain old records which could possibly be used for some future need. 

Set Blog to Private

  1. Sign into Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click Settings
  3. Scroll Down to Basics
  4. Go to Permissions Section
  5. Next to Blog Readers & Public Click Edit
  6. Change to "Private-Only Blog Author"
  7. Click Save Changes

Delete a Blog

  1. Sign into Blogger Dashboard    
  2. Click Settings
  3. Select Other
  4. Go to Delete Section
  5. Click Delete Blog

NOTE: Before deleting a blog it is best practice to download a copy

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Embed Google Drive PDF It's Tricky...

In the education realm it is helpful to have the ability to embed a PDF resource from Google Drive into a Blogger Post. Teachers may want to use the PDF as a tutorial for students to access or as a writing piece to reflect back on. Embedding a PDF appears to be a challenge for the novice blogger to add to a post. Many times due to frustration a simple text link ends up being added. Today I hope to simplify this process to lessen the challenge for embedding a PDF from Google Drive.

How to Embed a PDF from Google Drive

There are two tricks for being successful with embedding a PDF into a Blogger post. The first trick is to make sure the PDF share settings is set to "Public on the Web" or "Anyone with the Link".  This is followed by the second trick of obtaining the PDF's Embed code, and finally pasting the code into the html editor of a blog post.

First Step PDF Share Settings

  1. Open Google Drive
  2. Click PDF to Highlight
  3. Select Share Icon
  4. In Pop-up Window Click Advance
  5. Under "Who has Access" Select Change
  6. Select "On-Public on the Web" or "On-Anyone with Link"
  7. Click  Save  Button
  8. Click  Done  Button

Second Step Obtain PDF Embed Code

  1. Open Google Drive
  2. Double Click PDF 
  3. Click More Actions Settings (3 vertical dots)
  4. Select "Open in New Window"
  5. Click More Actions Settings in the New Window
  6. Select "Embed Item"
  7. Copy Embed Code 

Third Step Paste Embed Code Into html Post Editor

  1. Sign into Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click  New Post  Button
  3. Select HTML Button
  4. Paste PDF Embed Code
  5. Click Publish