Adding a Calendar Page

A blog is a helpful support which may be used for strengthening a school to home connection. This versatile tool can be used to reinforce both communication and student engagement. One way to use a blog for communication is by embedding a Google Calendar. I view inserting a Google Calendar into a blog page as one of those "No Brainer" Timesaving tricks.

When a Google Calendar is embedded into a website it may be set to deliver synchronous updates. The updating of events could provide students with immediate access to classroom lesson activities. One of the beauties of this function is the educator doesn't need to sign into the Blogger dashboard to make calendar event updates. 

Adding a Google Calendar as a Blog Page

  1. First create a new blog page
  2. Second add a page gadget
    • Allows horizontal or vertical tab navigation
  3. Embed a Google Calendar

Create a New Blog Page

  • Sign into Blogger Dashboard
  • In Listing on Left Select Pages

    • Select New Page Tab

    • Give Page a Title
    • Click  Publish  
      • NOTE: a blank page will be published
    • Click
      • (Brings you back to Blogger Dashboard)

Select or Add Pages Gadget

  • Select Layout from the Listing on the Left

  • Scroll Down to Cross Column (Add a Gadget) or Page List (top) Sections
    • Cross Column or Page List Sections are dependent upon the Blogger Theme 
      • Page List Section already has Pages Gadget built into template
      • Cross Column Section must add a Pages Gadget

  • In Cross Column's Section
    • Click Add a Gadget
    • Select Page's Gadget
  • Checkmark Pages
  • Drag & Drop to Change List Order
  • Click  Save  Button

  • Click  Save Arrangements  Button

Embed a Google Calendar

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Click Dropdown Arrow on Left side of Calendar
  • Select Calendar Settings

  • Scroll Down to Embed this Calendar Sections
  • Copy Embed Code
    • NOTE: make sure the Calendar is shared publicly 
  • Open Blogger Dashboard
  • Select Pages from Listing
  • Click the Calendar Page
  • Select HTML Composter
  • Paste Calendar Code
  • Click  Update  Button


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