Linking Text to a Post

Recently in the Blogger help Forum a user asked how to link a Post to Text in another post. After viewing this question I started to think about how a student or teacher may incorporate hyperlinking images and texts within a classroom blog. 
  1. Teacher may want to reference a past post for directions
  2. Student may link to another classmate's post as a reference
  3. A student may write an art critique for a classmates art shared in another post
  4. The teacher or a student may want to share a link for a YouTube channel they created
The beauty adding text and image links is it opens opportunities for sharing information to support the learning.

How to Create a Text Link

  • Sign in to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click Post to Edit
  • Highlight Text
  • Click Link (located in post editor toolbar)
  • Paste URL (Website Link)
  • Click OK
TIPS Obtaining Post Link
  • Sign in to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click Post to Edit
  • Under Post Settings Select Permalink
  • Copy Permalink


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