Set Blog to Private....

There are many reasons a user may want to set a blog to private. Blogger makes it easy to create a blog in a "Private Mode" limited to the author and/or selected readers. A setting such as this may be an invaluable tool to education depending upon the age of students or blogging objective.

Some users create blogs to keep as an electronic diary or use it as a growth timeline to keep family members in the loop as a baby grows into adulthood. Students may use a blog to practice argument persuasive writing about sensitive topics. Blogs such as mentioned are suitable to remain private or semi-private. Bloggers create blogs for many different reasons and the ability to select between private or public mode may just be a beneficial tool.

How to Set a Blog to Private

  • Scroll Down to Permissions Section
  • Right Side of Blog Readers Click Edit
  • Choose between the following:
    • Private - "Only blog authors"
      • Let's blogger keep it private for "their eyes only"
    • Private - "Only these readers"
      • Allows blogger to add email addresses for readers they may want to share their journaling with.
  • Click Orange Save Changes Button


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